The Essentials That You Need To Know Before Opting For A Circumcision

The parents of the newborn baby boy often contemplate whether to perform a circumcision or not. It is a surgery that removes the foreskin from the penis of the boy to expose its end. The surgery is not going to harm the child in any way. Talking to your pediatrician before opting for circumcision is important. The portals of http://www.childrensurgery.com.au/circumcision-perth/ highlight the important facts about circumcision to keep in mind. A few cultures make it mandatory to circumcise the boys. The portals of www.healthline.com describe the essentials of neonatal care to develop healthy children. Here are some must know facts which will help you take a right decision.

Benefits of performing a circumcision More than three million circumcision surgeries happen every year across the globe. The boys who are circumcised rarely encounter a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) during their first year. On the other hand, the uncircumcised boys are more likely to suffer from a UTI. In the later ages, circumcision is an ideal way to lower the risk factors for penile cancer. The surgery also helps to defend against AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The World Health Organization recommends circumcision for preventing HIV transmission.

The foreskin becomes a route for causing infections. Thus, the circumcision of that area in the penis helps to maintain a better hygiene in younger boys. The uncircumcised boys are prone to more infections due to poor cleanliness. Phimosis is a condition where the foreskin loses the ability to retract. Circumcision thus acts as a medical treatment for this condition.

Methods to perform the surgery Circumcision should be carried out before the baby boy turns one-month old. However, it is not advised to perform this surgery in premature infants. The needs of each child are unique, so allow your medical practitioner to take the call. The doctor decides the part of the foreskin that requires removal. Before performing circumcision, your doctor makes sure to lessen the infant's discomfort. The entire procedure is carried out in a sterile environment.

One of the techniques used for performing circumcision is the Gomco method. The surgery is done with a clamp that holds the foreskin away from the head of the penis. The doctor then removes the clamped area. The incision is covered using an ointment with an antibiotic base. The doctor also uses a petroleum jelly coated gauze and a bandage to close the area.

Do not bathe your child for a day after the procedure. Make sure to replace the dressing every day. After four days, you will see a yellow scab on the penis that is soft to touch. Make sure to wash the area gently and keep it clean. Within ten days the healing process gets over.

The Plastibell method is another technique to perform circumcision. The entire procedure takes about ten minutes to complete. A device that resembles a ring is used to clamp the foreskin. It is tied by a string for proper positioning. As the area begins to heal, the ring falls off. The recovery takes place in about ten days. Talk to your doctor about the ideal method for circumcision and decide which is best for your baby.