Guide To Apply Self-Tanning Products In The Comfort Of Your Home

Who wouldn’t love to have a perfect tanned skin? You need not wait for the summers to arrive and hit the beach to get some nice tan. Self-tanning products can make you look tanned and gorgeous even in chilly winters. Try to source quality products that won’t harm your skin when you choose tanning products. The health web page www.livehealthy.chron.com/ also recommends usage of good quality products from credible suppliers while choosing beauty products. No matter what kind of self-tanning product you use, be it a spray, cream, mousse, lotion, milk or gel, just follow these guidelines, and you will get the perfect tanned skin.

Things You Will Need

Before starting the process, it is better to keep some things near you, where you can get them easily. This makes the process easier, and you could enjoy the tanning product application fuss free and without any hassles. The things you will need are:

The Tanner

Scrub- It helps to remove all the dead skin cells, exfoliate the skin and make your skin look more tanned.

Latex Gloves- Make sure you get tight fitting gloves so that you can easily apply the product over your skin

Wand, sponge paint brush or lotion straps- In case you don’t have anyone else to help you, you could use these to apply the tanning product on your back.

Petroleum jelly or Vaseline- It can be used to protect the eyebrows while you apply the tanning product.

Tissues- tissues always come handy to wipe off the excess lotion or remove accidentally applied lotion from hair or nails

Hair bands- Use it to tightly tie up your hair and prevent it from falling over your face.

Blow dryer- You could use blow dryers to speed the drying up of lotion or cream once you are done applying it all over your body.

Mirror- To watch the mirror and apply the product

Time- The most required thing is time. Application of tanning products take time, maybe a few hours. You could even apply it overnight and wash it off in the morning. Hence, only try doing it when you have plenty of time at hand.

Applying It Over Your Body

Before applying the product, shave off the areas of the body where you do not wish to have hairs. Women could shave off legs, arms, under arms, bikini area, etc. Men could shave off chest and face portions. After that, try exfoliating your skin. It is alright if you do that the day before application of tanning product. Scrubbing off the dead skin cells and exfoliating helps to get a better tan on your skin. After shaving and exfoliating pat, yourself dry. Also, it is better not to do tanning in a steamy bathroom where there is moisture all around. Water acts against tanning product, and hence any form of moisture should be avoided.

Before you begin, apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly over your eyebrows so that they remain protected. You may or may not use moisturizers before application of tanning products. It is up to you to choose. Now, put on the gloves and start applying the tanning product. Start from your head portion, ears, the back side of ears, neck and almost all the portion of your body that is exposed outside. Finish off the application and leave it to dry. Don’t forget to wash your hands after the process.